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Polymer Modified Asphalt Materials! Rubber/Asphalt Binder Materials! Cutback Asphalt Materials. Modified Binders! Modifier Types! polymers! crumb rubber! other additives! ... Method specification: (Cookbook method)! By the square yard! By the Ton! combinations of area . and tonnage End result specifications: (Warranty)! contractor decides on .

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ASTM's road and paving standards provide the specifications and test methods pertinent to the material, physical, mechanical, performance, and application requirements of road surfaces and pavements.

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refers to the compacted mix of modified asphalt, aggregate, and additives. C. The porous asphalt pavement specified herein is modified after the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) specification outlined in Design, Construction, and Maintenance Guide for Porous Asphalt Pavements, Information Series 131 (2003) and Design, Construction, and

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Polymer Modified Asphalt Today's increasing loads, greater traffic volume and the need for better, longer-lasting roads demand better service from paving materials. Asphalts modified with ULTRAPAVE ® SBR Latex Polymers offer the best method of improving binders for highway, street and airport paving and maintenance projects.

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Specifier's Notes: This Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating Specification is furnished as a guide for specifying Asphalt Repair, Sealcoating and Striping of Asphalt Pavement Parking Lots. It is written in the CSI 3-Part Format and must be edited to suit the particular needs and budgetary requirements of a given project and its respective location.

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Polymer-modified asphalt cements (PMA) have been used for many years to reduce the amount of severity of distress and extend the service life of hot mix asphalt pavements and overlays. McAsphalt offers the industry's most advanced line of PMA, designed to maximize the beneficial effects of the binder on permanent deformation, fatigue and low ...

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Summary of Rubber Modified Asphalt Product Specifications around the World October 3, 2012 791 Hillgrove Court Chico, CA 95926 530-891-5244

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The Use and Performance of Asphalt Binder Modified with Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) This Technical Brief provides an overview of the implication of the use of Polyphosphoric Acid as a modifier for asphalt binders and implications in relation to asphalt pavement performance. Background . The modification of asphalt binder to improve performance

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SBS Modified Bitumen Specifications 1.0 General Information 1.1 This section provides application information, and outlines specifications currently available from JM Roofing Systems for SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) Modified Bitumen Roofing Membranes. They may be applied with hot asphalt or cold adhesive. Some of

polymer or rubber-modified asphalt specifications.

polymer or rubber-modified asphalt specifications. (b) Torsional Recovery Test-Snyder et al (Ref. 5) report that this test measures the elasticity imparted by a polymer or rubber to the asphalt cement. A metal disc is embedded in asphalt or modified asphalt, rotated 180° relative to the sample container, the band is removed and the

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Asphalt Modified & Parts Only has 1,757 members. This group is for all Asphalt mods cars thats around and parts makes it easy to find what we need and...

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3-222 APP Modified Bitumen Specifications 4.2 These specifications are denoted by an "N" or an "L" as the third character in the specification designation (e.g., 3CNN-W or 3PLN-W). See the "Roof Finder Index" in this section for further information.

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Access to sample project special provisions that can be adapted to modify Colorado DOT's 2017 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction for a specific project. Recently Issued Special Provisions Updated on June 3, 2019. (Includes all past Special Provisions issued since July 20, 2017.) Specification Changes Under Consideration

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overall, the performance testing indicated that the rubber- modified asphalt mix will perform well in both temperature extremes along with exhibiting improved fatigue resistance and the potential for longer service lives. tooLS for deveLoPment and imPLementation of Performance SPecificationS In this section, a summary is presented of findings ...


shall be an emulsified blend of polymer modified asphalt, water, and emulsifiers. The emulsion shall contain a minimum of three percent (3.0%) styrene-butadiene (SB) or styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer by weight of asphalt cement. The asphalt cement shall be polymer modified prior to emulsification using a block SB or SBS co-polymer.

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Specifications and Guides ... Home » Technical Info » All Details » Roofing Systems » Asphalt Roof Systems » Modified Bitumen. Click each category below to view all available information for that product. Download documents by clicking the icon. ... -RE-10 Gravel Stop Edge using Strip Flashing in Hot Asphalt ...

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AI modified asphalt study. The positive performance of modified asphalts is commonly recognized and demonstrated by lab testing, but there has been little available documentation of improved field performance. A study undertaken by the Asphalt Institute cited here is an example of one effort to document the performance benefits.


T59. For polymer modified emulsions, the distillation and evaporation tests will be modified to include 400F maximum temperature to be held for 15 minutes. (c) If the solubility of the residue is less than 97.5%, the base asphalt binder for the emulsion shall be tested. The solubility of the base asphalt binder shall be greater than 99 percent.


Construction Specifications for Asphalt Concrete, by The Asphalt Institute. Mix Design Methods for Asphalt Concrete, by The Asphalt Institute. Page 3 Standard Construction Specifications Division 40 – Asphalt Surfacing Revised 11/08 The number of blows of the Compaction hammer used in the Marshall Mix Design will be


Volume 1 Series 900 Specification for Highway Works Road Pavements – Bituminous Bound Materials Amendment – May 2018 5 902 (05/18) Reclaimed Asphalt 1 (05/18) The requirements of this clause apply to all bituminous mixtures containing reclaimed asphalt. 2 (05/18) Reclaimed asphalt may be used in the production of bituminous surface course, binder course,

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Specifier's Notes: This Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating Specification is furnished as a guide for specifying Asphalt Repair, Sealcoating and Striping of Asphalt Pavement Parking Lots. It is written in the CSI 3-Part Format and must be edited to suit the particular needs and budgetary requirements of a given project and its respective location.

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Jun 23, 2014· Sealcoating Specifications Polymer Modified MasterSeal (PMM) Safety Data Sheet. Polymer-Modified Masterseal – Asphalt Based Pavement Sealer. Download Full English Spec Here. Download Full Spanish Spec Here. SAFETY DATA SHEET. Issuing Date: 23-June-2014. Revision Date: 12 …

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These HMA design specifications are listed in the current edition of the WSDOT Standard Specifications in section 9-03.8. Asphalt Treated Base (ATB) Asphalt Treated Base (ATB) is dense-graded HMA with a wide gradation band and lower asphalt content intended for use as a base course.


PRODUCT DATA SHEET PART NO. 80402. DESCRIPTION. DEERY Modified Asphalt Fiber 402is a hot applied, modified composition of asphalt cement, polyester fibers, and other modifiers. The sealant contains no solvent, is premixed and packaged, and conforms to the requirements of the specification designated herein.


Tarco LeakBarrier™ EasySystem® SBS Self-Adhered Modified Bitumen Roofing System . MODIFIED BITUMINOUS ROOFING GUIDE SPECIFICATION . Nailable Substrates Membrane Adhered Direct to Substrate. Note: This specification is provided as a general guide only. Jobsite conditions, contract specifications and/or

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Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement Mixtures ..., particularly for mixtures containing polymer-modified asphalt binders and thin lift/cool weather applications, ... the same parent test procedures or specification item applies to both types of asphalt mixtures.

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PG 76-22 is a polymer modified asphalt cement and is normally used for high traffic areas. The list of qualified bituminous materials is QPL-7. The type of asphalt binder for each mix will be included on the approved GDOT Job Mix Formula for each type of mix. Specifications for asphalt cement are located in Section 820 of the GDOT Specifications.

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Flex-A-Fill Professional Grade, from Crafco, Inc. is a hot poured polymer modified asphalt sealant used to seal cracks in streets, driveways, and commercial parking lots. Flex-A-Fill Professional Grade ... Rapidly sets and strongly adheres and bonds to the pavement. Tested to specification properties of ASTM 6690. Environmentally friendly ...

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Learn About Modified Bitumen SBS Roofing Systems: Get to know more about one of the most popular commercial roofing systems ...